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Playing indoors and outdoors at De Flierefluiter play farm

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Whether the weather is nice or bad, at the De Flierefluiter play farm you won't finish playing! There is a large outdoor playground, a swimming pool, an indoor play paradise and a petting zoo. A successful day out for the whole family.

Look in the indoor playground who can jump the highest on the trampoline, test your balance on the rope bridge or go through the obstacle course as quickly as possible. And do you dare to roech from the free fall slide?

Outdoor playground

When the weather is fine, you can enjoy the outdoor playground. Reach the highest point of the tower while climbing and climbing and swamp down through the ultra-long slides. Take the cable car to the other side of the playground and look in the big maze for the exit. Is it nice swimming weather? Then splash around in the water park and pool!

Cuddly animals

On a play farm you expect animals too, of course. Tip of the veil: there are many animals that you can admire and stroke. Cows, chickens, ponies, hanging pigs and much more! You see how animals live in the stable and in the meadow. Extra fun: you can also go to the meadow with the sheep and goats

In spring there is something very special at the petting zoo. Then you can go on a maternity visit to young lambs and chicks. Do you like animals and cuddling? Then the cuddling room is really something for you. There you can cuddle with rabbits and guinea pigs.

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