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Two hour cruise through the Brabant Biesbosch

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Explore the Biesbosch National Park from a boat! All kinds of special birds fly around while you enjoy a drink on deck.

Quietly the water babbles against the ship. In the Biesbosch two hour cruise you will cross the Brabant Biesbosch with its beautiful nature. Because the polder is partly submerged, you will discover all kinds of special birds here! Climb aboard a tour boat of The Herring Gull and explore the area!

For nature lovers, a boat trip through the Biesbosch is a fantastic day out. The ships of Herring Gull carry everyone along the narrow and wide creeks of this exceptional nature reserve. Did you know that beavers live here? The Herring Gull tells you all the stories during a two-hour trip from Drimmelen.

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