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Explore together a city of your choice with Escape Tours

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Every city has a secret exit. Can you find it? Take on the challenge in a city of your choice with the Escape Tour! An Escape Tour is a unique and exciting way to discover a city together.

Every city centre hides wild stories and deep secrets. Unravel them while discovering the heart of a city of your choice with Escape Tours! A citygame with just that little bit extra, because it's a city trip and outdoor escaperoom in one. Escape

Tours: the game Together

with your entourage of 2 to 5 people per team, you

'll explore a city of your choice.

Will you manage to 'escape' from the city within 2 hours? You'll receive instructions on your phone, do fun assignments and face tricky riddles in the historic city centre of the location. You can also play with multiple teams, then fight for the fastest time!

How it worksPick


city you like best and book one game per team. The recommended size for a team is a maximum of 5 people, so everyone can actively participate. You will immediately receive information by e-mail about how to start the Escape Tour. You can start the game whenever you want; there is no expiration date attached to your booking. Then you go to the city in question, solve the riddle and 'escape' within 2 hours. Who knows, you might even end up on the online highscore list of that month with your team!


Tours is available in these cities: Alkmaar, Amersfoort, Amsterdam, Apeldoorn, Arnhem, Breda, The Hague, Deventer, Eindhoven, Gouda, Groningen, Harderwijk, Leeuwarden, Maastricht, Nijmegen, Rotterdam, Utrecht, Volendam, Zwolle.

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