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Marechaussee Museum

Logo of Marechausseemuseum

Experience the world of the Marechaussee: the oldest police organisation in the Netherlands. What exactly do troopers do? You'll discover it in the Marechausseemuseum! Journey through history, from its inception in 1814 to today's Marechaussee

Look over the shoulders of the Special Security Brigade and find out what tasks the Royal Netherlands Marechaussee has at our airports. What do you actually do when someone's passport is not correct? And how does the Military Constabulary keep our king and queen safe?

On the picture on the engine

In the Marechausseemuseum you can see all kinds of impressive objects. See bullet impacts in an armoured car door, experience the robustness of an armoured tracked vehicle and take a tough photo sitting on an armoured vehicle engine.

Fun activities

Do the museum treasure hunt or wear an official uniform. Such a flak jacket feels pretty heavy! Also fun: make an appointment for a guided tour and go through the entire history of the Royal Netherlands Marechaussee with a guide. During holidays there are always extra fun events and activities organized.

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