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This page provides you with answers to frequently asked questions. Is your question not listed? Please feel free to contact our customer service.

General questions

DagjeWeg.NL Tickets makes arrangements with suppliers and agrees on the price at which the tickets may be sold, the period of validity of the tickets and the conditions.

No, the gift card can be used at as a means of payment for orders. So order tickets online and pay for them with the gift card.

Always check the provider's website for the current opening hours. In special cases (you come with a large group or you are in doubt whether the activity will be open on a public holiday) you can contact the provider.

You can follow us at Facebook and subscribe to our newsletter at the bottom of the website.

Privacy and security

DagjeWeg.NL Tickets is part of Eskes Media B.V., an online publishing company that includes the Edesche Concertzaal and DagjeWeg.NL. DagjeWeg.NL Tickets originated from DagjeWeg.NL, which is fifteen years old and has millions of visitors every year. Our office is located in Ede, the details of which can be found on our website. If you have any questions, please contact DagjeWeg.NL Tickets using the details below:
Eskes Media B.V.
Amsterdamseweg 9
6711BE Ede
0318 640 289

Privacy is very important to us. Personal information is not shared with the providers and we do not sell your personal information. When you have ordered a ticket or voucher from us, you will automatically receive our newsletter with offers. Here you can always unsubscribe.

Personal data will only be used anonymously to see where our customers come from.

We use the best security techniques to protect your data. For example, we use an SSL certificate that allows you to see that we are sending your data encrypted, we use a secure Mollie payment environment and we use two-factor authentication to secure our back office.

What can you track or see of my betaNothing: DagjeWeg.NL Tickets uses a payment provider (Mollie Payments) who arranges all payments. They tell us about the status of the payment. Once a shopping basket has been settled, the tickets are sent. We do not store any of your bank details. The communication between us and the payment provider is via a secure (https) connection.

Payments and tickets

As soon as your order is completed, your tickets will be generated and you can download them directly. For larger orders it can take up to 1 minute to generate your tickets.

The tickets will also be sent by email to the specified email address. Your email client (e.g. Hotmail, Gmail, KPNmail) checks that the email message is not spam. Because of this it can take a few minutes before the message is visible in your inbox.

Je kunt op onze website geen tickets bestellen met een Museumkaart. Doe dit via de website van de aanbieder zelf of aan de kassa. Op de website van Museumkaart kun je bekijken voor welke aanbieders deze kaart geldig is.

No, you can't cancel or rebook tickets with us. We cannot cancel tickets after we have issued them. If you think you are entitled to a cancellation or rebooking in your specific situation, please contact the provider. The contact details are listed on the order page.

This is different for each provider. Is it not clearly stated on the outing? Then please contact the provider.

With a ticket you have direct access to the outing for which you bought a ticket. With a voucher, you must first make a reservation with the provider or exchange your voucher for a ticket.

The program you use to open the tickets is outdated or incorrect. Download the latest version of Adobe Reader for free here. The tickets will then be displayed properly and with barcode.
About Adobe Reader Adobe Acrobat Reader DC is the free world standard for reliable viewing, printing and annotation of PDF documents. It is the only PDF viewer that allows you to open and edit all types of PDF content, including forms and multimedia.

All payment methods incur costs. iDeal is the most widely used payment method in the Netherlands. DagjeWeg.NL Tickets ensures that you can always pay for free via iDeal. You can also choose one of the other payment methods. If the costs for this payment method are higher than those of iDeal, we will charge you for these extra costs.

  • Have you paid? Request tickets using the payment reference.
  • Do you use Gmail? Look in the tab "Advertising".
  • Do you use Hotmail, Yahoo or Gmail?Check your "junk mail inbox" or "spam" folder.
  • Do you use an email address for your work? The message may have been blocked by the system administrator.
  • Check further that your inbox is not full.
If you have checked the above and have not been able to retrieve the message, please contact customer service.


The points you get are linked to the email address you use to order. Your account is linked to this email address, where you can login to view your order history.

The points you get are linked to the email address you use to order. Your account is linked to this email address, where you can login to view your order history.

  • Log in with your email address and password (or with your Google or Facebook account).
  • Select tickets for an outing.
  • Go to the payment page and click on: 'I want to redeem my discount points with this order'. This is already ticked by default.
  • Click on "pay". If necessary, deduct the remaining amount.
  • You have received the discount, your points have been written off and new points will be credited for this order.

No, you can't. The points are linked to the email address with which the order was placed, and cannot be transferred.

No, the points themselves have no value and are not paid out. You can exchange the points for a discount on an outing.


Je kunt de cadeaukaart gebruiken als betaalmiddel op DagjeWeg.NL Tickets.

De DagjeWeg.NL Tickets Cadeaukaart is na aankoop 5 jaar geldig. Je kunt op deze pagina controleren hoe lang jouw cadeaukaart op dit moment nog geldig is.

Nee, dat hoeft niet. Je kunt het tegoed in delen besteden en dus bij meerdere bestellingen gebruiken.

Je mag meerdere cadeaukaarten bij één bestelling inwisselen.

Natuurlijk wil je graag weten wat de waarde van je cadeaukaart is! Gebruik onze saldochecker op deze pagina om te zien hoeveel tegoed er op staat.

Heb je een leuk dagje weg gekozen? Kies het gewenste aantal tickets en voeg deze toe aan je winkelmandje. In het winkelmandje vind je de link ‘Cadeaukaart inwisselen’. Vul hier de code van de cadeaukaart in en het bedrag wordt automatisch verrekend met de totaalprijs van de gekozen tickets.

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