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Miniworld Rotterdam: A whole world awaits you...

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Miniworld Rotterdam is the largest miniature world in the Benelux, a family attraction where there is something for everyone. Discover the adventures of the mini-residents. Miniworld has already been voted the best outing of Zuid-Holland three times!

Miniworld Rotterdam is a family attraction where there is something for everyone! In the largest miniature world of the Benelux, the mini-residents experience everything. They work, live, travel and have all kinds of adventures along the way. Admire the miniature world and follow the adventures of the mini-residents.

In this 'Madurodam of Rotterdam' a day only takes 24 minutes. Before you know it, it's night and thousands of lights sparkle in the dark. And when the day comes, more than 27,000 residents wake up and the world comes alive again. Everywhere trains rush to their destination, trucks bring their cargo to the largest miniature port in Europe... everything seems to be in motion

In Miniworld you can see typical Rotterdam buildings, but also historical buildings. You'll lack time and eyes for the more than 2,800 buildings, 13 stations and 150 trains, the 27,000 inhabitants and 20,000 lights. Find the five penguins, the three superheroes and the surfing cow! And did you know that there are 44 kilometres of wiring here?

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