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Diamond Museum Amsterdam

Logo of Diamant Museum Amsterdam

How do diamonds come into being and why are they so valuable? The answer to this question can be found 200 kilometres below the earth's surface. Discover all the secrets of diamonds at the Diamond Museum Amsterdam.

Sparkling shiny stones sparkle towards you as you step inside Diamant Museum Amsterdam. Crowns with thousands of small diamonds, but also huge diamonds will drop you from one surprise to another. You've never seen so many diamonds together!

Where did the diamond come from?

The journey through the Diamond Museum Amsterdam began three billion years ago, deep underground. Discover how carbon atoms turn into beautiful, sparkling diamonds. After a visit to the museum, the jeweller can't fool you. You learn to distinguish a real diamond from an imitation!

Turn yourself into a king!

Visit the diamond cutters and see how these special stones are cut into beautiful diamonds or transform yourself into a king or queen with the Crown Yourself app. Diamond Museum Amsterdam is located on the Museumplein, so a visit to this museum fits perfectly within a day trip to Amsterdam! Did you know that Amsterdam itself was the diamond city for four hundred years and that the most precious stones were traded and cut in the city?

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