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The Museum of the 20th Century

Logo of Museum van de 20e Eeuw

Wondering what everyday life looked like forty or sixty years ago? Time seems to have stood still in the Museum of the 20th Century. Take a peek inside a retro living room or take a look at an old-fashioned men's hairdresser

Everything is retro

Everyday life today looks very different from that of our parents and grandparents. For example, there have been many different trends in interior design that are all on display in the museum: from retro rattan chairs from the 1950s to minimalist design from the 1980s. A lot has also changed in the field of technology. Nowadays you can watch any program at any time and on any device, but you used to crawl on the couch with the whole family to watch television. Such as the legendary children's programme Telekids by Carlo and Irene that came on the air thirty years ago. Until 21 June 2020, the museum will host an exhibition about this popular series and all types.

Free audio tour

During a visit to the Museum of the 20th Century you will see how daily life has changed over the years. What toys did the children play with? What kind of stores were there? What did they do in the free time? This nostalgic museum provides answers to questions like these. Walk through the museum with the free audio tour and be surprised

In an old prison

The Museum of the 20th Century can be found in an old prison on the Oostereiland, near the port of Hoorn. There are six rooms with permanent collections and three rooms with temporary exhibitions on inventions, trends and customs of the past.

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