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Exotic birds, mammals and culture at Taman Indonesia

Logo of Dierenpark Taman Indonesia

Imagine yourself in a tropical atmosphere in Taman Indonesia zoo, close to Steenwijk. Admire special animals from Indonesia and enjoy the Indonesian culture. Children can dress up in the Indonesian costumes corner.

In Taman Indonesia you will meet special animals such as the Binturong, Loewaks, Malayan Forest Owls and beautifully coloured birds. But there is much more to do in this real Indonesian zoo!

Discover the Indonesian culture

Step into Taman Indonesia is also step into Indonesian culture. Take a look inside a stilt house, play Indonesian games and listen to fairytales. Also typically Indonesian: the tropical spice garden with ginger, laos, djint and other spices for the kitchen. Fruit trees such as papaya and pisang brighten up the herb garden and who knows, you might spot a praying mantis or batik spider. An exotic day out for the whole family.

Winter 2020: Wayang Stories

This winter, the Wayang dolls are central in Taman Indonesia. You will see the beautiful Wayang puppets used in the Indonesian shadow play everywhere. You will see both historical and modern forms. In the Wayang theatre you can of course enjoy the special Wayang performances!

From December to March open on weekends and school holidays. From April to November open every day.

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