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The flood disaster of Volendam in virtual reality

Logo of Experience Volendam

Travel digitally back in time and see how Volendam was hit by a flood disaster in 1916. With holographic performances and virtual reality glasses, the story of the disaster is told in an impressive way.

Zuiderzee Flood

During the night of 13 to 14 January 1916, Volendam was hit by the Zuiderzee Flood: a flood disaster in which the water stood up to the gutter. At Experience Volendam you can see and feel what the people of Volendam experienced that night

Put on a pair of vr glasses

The atmosphere in the authentic building at the harbour, holographic performances and virtual reality glasses take you along in the story. To create an even better image, a film is shown in which you see how the inhabitants survived the storm. The top attraction is a 3D film about a skipper who sailed in 1916 and was raided by the floods... But he managed to survive!

In the harbour

An umbrella is not necessary at Experience Volendam! The whole attraction is located in the building of Haven 154. There are also several places in the immediate vicinity where you can eat and drink something.

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