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Journey through the human body at CORPUS

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In CORPUS you make a spectacular journey through the human body. Literally: in the building you start at the knee and end up in the brain. A unique experience that can't be experienced anywhere else in the world!

Travel from head to toe

Learn how the body works, how everything in your body works and how a person actually stays healthy. A lot of exercise, responsible eating and healthy living, that is the motto of CORPUS. You learn everything about the functions of your body. How do your intestines react to a sandwich? And what exactly happens when you sneeze? Accompanied by an audio tour you will travel in groups through all parts of the human body. As if you take a look in your own body! Luckily you don't have to climb the whole trip. Via the escalators you travel through the body of thirty-five meters high.

Be a researcher yourself

After a guided tour from head to toe, you can explore everything at your own pace in the Medical Information Centre. There you do fun tests, play educational games and discover even more about the human body. At the very top of the museum is also a restaurant, where you can enjoy an amazing view. A complete visit to CORPUS takes about two and a half hours.

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