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Come and eat pancakes!

Unlimited pancake eating and sailing on the Waal

Logo of Pannenkoekenboot Nijmegen

On the Pancake Boat, everyone can eat unlimited meals from the buffet, while the boat makes a trip on the Waal. Nijmegen with all its beautiful bridges passes you while you enjoy the view.

The pancake bakers bake them delicious golden brown, natural, with bacon or apple. How many of these pancakes can you put on? You can eat as much as you like! Enjoy the tastiest pancakes while making a trip on the Waal. See Nijmegen pass by with its beautiful bridges and enjoy the view over the Ooijpolder nature reserve

Decorate your own pancake

Join the children at the pancake buffet, where they can decorate their own pancakes with cheese, ham, fruit, jam and eggs. And while the parents relax after dinner, the children dive into the hold. There is their domain: the ball pit!

The skyline of Nijmegen

Beautiful weather? Enjoy the view from the outside deck! In the distance you can see the Waal Bridge, which was blown up in the Second World War to stop the Germans. And do you discover the old Honig Factory?

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