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Come and eat pancakes!

Pancake boat Amsterdam

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On the Pancake Boat, everyone can eat unlimited meals from the buffet, while the boat makes a trip on the IJ. During dinner you'll pass modern attractions in Amsterdam. A wonderfully relaxing outing for everyone!

How many pancakes can you eat? The pancake bakers bake them delicious golden brown, natural, with bacon or apple. Ideal for family dining and you can eat as many pancakes as you like. Children can make their own pancakes and decorate them with cheese, ham, fruit, jam and eggs. There is a ball tray in the ship's hold and all kinds of colouring pages for the children, so parents can relax while having dinner

Sailing on the IJ

The boat trip takes 75 minutes and goes over the IJ. Along the way you pass all sorts of beautiful spots in Amsterdam, such as the station building and the modern gem EYE Filmmuseum. Along the way you will encounter impressive sea-going vessels and in the summer there is a chance that cruise ships will pass by. Capture a spot on a terrace on the outside deck and wave together to the passing cruise ships and ferries.

Playing in the ball pit

On board it is very cosy because of the old Dutch interior of the ship. For children up to eleven years there is a ball tray on the Pancake Boat. However, this one has a special lock. What exactly is that? You'll find out on board!