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Ervaar wat het met je doet als je door een bos wandelt

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Weet jij de mooiste plekjes te vinden in het sprookjesachtige bos van de Emmerdennen, op het hoogste punt van de Hondsrug? Gids Miranda wel. Ze neemt je mee over de kleinste paadjes naar adembenemend mooie plekjes met een magische sfeer. Kom ook mee.

Gnarled trees covered with green moss, narrow streams, tiny wood anemones and quiet pools: the Emmerdennen are something special. During a Magic Forest Walk, the gentle sounds of nature and the scents of the forest bring you back to yourself. The pace is slow, so you can focus 100% on your surroundings. Without worrying about the route, the guide takes care of that.

Meet new people

There are two types of walks. During the Silent Forest Walk the mobile goes off and you get maximum relaxation. The Contact Forest Walk gives you the opportunity to meet new people in a relaxed way. Who knows, it might click with someone and you might discover a common hobby. Or do you find it enough to be able to share this beautiful walk with others.

The Magical Forest Walks are suitable for adults aged eighteen and over. They last about two hours and avoid paved forest paths. So wear good, waterproof walking shoes. If you would like to join us as a group (maximum 15 people), please contact us well in advance.

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