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Take a culinary treasure hunt through Amsterdam!

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A brisk walk can leave you hungry. With a culinary scavenger hunt by 360 Amsterdam Tours you'll step into the FOOD traces of the famous Nine Streets and the Jordaan. Taste the flavors of the different cultures in the capital in a playful way.

Choose from two food tours through Amsterdam and taste snacks from different kitchens in our multicultural capital. And what's more... the snacks are included! Tickle your taste buds and discover new flavours. At every catering establishment along the way there are instructions ready for you. Can you find the next stop? You'll be on your own with a free map, but if you get lost or have trouble finding your way, the 360 Tours team will be there to provide you with directions. It would be a shame to miss out on all those delicious snacks that are waiting for you.

Taste of the Nine Streets

The Nine Streets area is the perfect example of what makes Amsterdam such a great city to wander around. These narrow shopping streets, which connect the canals, are lined with romantic boutiques and surprising eateries. Find them all during your two to three hour puzzle tour. Vegetarian? No worries, they have taken that into account almost everywhere. Enjoy your meal!

Bite by bite through the Jordaan

At oooons, in the Jordaan'... you'll be introduced to dishes you've never eaten before. The culinary quest through this typical Amsterdam neighbourhood will take you to the best eateries in town. Sample unusual snacks by the canal and be surprised at every street corner. One thing is for sure: your appetite will be gone by the end of the tour.

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