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Play cool online escape rooms via WhatsApp and video calling!

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Escape rooms at home are hot! Find the missing ICT Manager or unravel the mystery of a security company in three exciting online games. Play together with your friends via WhatsApp and consult with each other via a video call.

Doing something fun with your friends, family or colleagues? Play an exciting online escape room from SocialSpel.nl. Just from your own living room! The only thing you need is a smartphone and a video connection to consult with your teammates. The games are most fun in groups of 3 to 8 people, but if there are more of you, you can just play in different teams.

Help the Hoogeboom College

There is great panic on the Hoogeboom College. While the school is busy arranging digital education due to a virus outbreak, ICT Manager Pieter has disappeared. Add the principal to your special WhatsApp group for clues and go find him. Help the headmaster in the first part of this adventure to find the indispensable link again. Fun fact: with some 50,000 participants, 'The Hoogeboom Mystery' is the most played escape room at home! Found Pieter again? Then go for part two, in which the devious manager takes off again

Follow the money

In 'Follow The Money' you help Edmund Braafheid, director of a successful security company, to find out what is going on in his company. Since the anniversary party, things have been going haywire. You are the detectives and, with the help of the director, you search for hidden clues by solving puzzles and riddles. Add the worried Edmund to your group app and get started with this online escape room full of lies, tricks and deception.

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