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Discovering Amsterdam in an adventurous and educational way? Order a great treasure hunt from Amsterdam Old Town! Explore the highlights and hidden gems of the historic centre, the Jordaan and the Red Light District.

Give me Amsterdam, it's prettier than Paris'. In the city centre of our capital every street corner is bustling in its own unique way. Highlights such as the Dam, the canals and the Red Light District are world famous, but the best thing about Amsterdam is its wonderful atmosphere. Discover all the ins and outs of 'Mokum' with the unique treasure hunts of Amsterdam Oude Stad. Order a package and receive the protective folder by post. In it you'll find a map, colour photos and... the correct answers. That way, you can see how you scored at the end of your walk (or take a sneaky peek). Set off for two and a half to three hours puzzling. Test your knowledge and learn all about the highlights and hidden gems of the most beautiful and oldest part of Amsterdam.

The Jordaan and the Red Light District

The Historical Journey will take you past the Nieuwmarkt district, the Dam Square and Chinatown. But you can also opt for the Jordaan Treasure Hunt, in which you'll discover the secrets and hotspots of this typical Amsterdam working-class area, or for a treasure hunt in the lively Red Light District.

Tracking with the whole family

Making a city trip with the whole family? Then choose one of the available treasure hunts for children (6 to 12 years of age). You'll see a lot of the city in a short time and it's educational too! Explore the historic centre with the Old Town trail. You'll pass the smallest house in Amsterdam and the old city gates. The Jordaan is a great place for children to discover the city's history, including statues, courtyards and markets.

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