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Go on an adventure with the exciting games from DoeNederland!

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Looking for an original outing with your friends, family, colleagues or teammates? Then go on an adventure with the exciting games from DoeNederland. Answer questions, decipher codes and find out interesting facts. On foot, on a scooter or in VR

There is something for every group with the cool and detailed games from DoeNederland. Whether you are planning a fun day out with the family or with your colleagues... boredom is out of the question. You won't have time for that when you and your fanatical team mates, armed with a smartphone or tablet, are strolling through Den Bosch, Eindhoven or Nijmegen. Search for hidden clues and interesting facts during one of the exciting treasure hunts. How about the game 'On family adventure', where children test their spatial insight and parents are presented with challenging brainteasers? Or crack the code of the hermit's treasure chest at secret locations during the 'Da Vinci Code'. The routes are very varied, but have one thing in common: they take you to the most beautiful places in the city in about two hours

Hop on a scooter

If walking isn't fast enough for you, you can opt for the great Step Scavenger Hunt. Ride your scooter from stop to stop and answer the questions. Slowly but surely a beautiful tour through the city of your choice unfolds on the map. Whether you choose a route through the bustling heart of the city or the surrounding countryside, this means of transport can only cheer you up, can't it?

Virtual Reality Experiene

Want to dive into another world? Surrender and book the unique Virtual Reality Experience in Den Bosch. Play alone or battle with or against your friends. Take on virtual enemies or imagine yourself in New York. Make a complete trip around the world with only one pair of glasses on your head. Because in VR everything is possible!

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