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Nature Game: adventure in nature with the whole family!

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Go into nature with the whole family! With the Nature Game, adults enjoy the fresh air and beautiful surroundings, while the children carry out tough assignments. Discover heathlands, forests and sand drifts.

Walking, boring, no way! The Dutch nature is beautiful and varied. So what better way to spend some quality time with the family than exploring some of the country's most beautiful outdoor areas. The Nature Game makes a trip through the woods the perfect family outing. In cooperation with Staatsbosbeheer (the Dutch Forestry Commission) Online Social Games has put together three wonderful walking and scavenger hunts. Parents can enjoy the views and the peace and quiet, while their youngest adventurers take on exciting assignments in search of animals and the most original photos. Are you busy? Then you might even make it into the national rankings!

Forests and sand drifts

Let yourself be enchanted by the beauty of nature on the surprising routes. Surround yourself in the Speulder- en Sprielderbos in Garderen with magical 'dancing' trees or go to De Heuveltjes near Voorthuizen. The third tour, in the Planken Wambuis nature reserve near Otterlo, takes you to the impressive Mosselsezand sand drift. Finish off your day at the end of this route at the rugged nature playground. All routes are approximately three kilometres long and take one and a half hours. But also check out the other available Nature Games.

How does it work?

Start your adventure whenever you want! Order your game and receive the starting location, all the instructions and the login details for the app. You'll be on your way in no time! Note: the routes are mainly on dirt tracks. So it's a good idea for children to be able to walk three kilometres on their own

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