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Get active in nature at Liever Buiten!

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What could be more fun than going outside with your friends, family or teammates? Very little, indeed! Book an active day out at Liever Buiten. Play a game of farmers bowling or dive into the woods for an exciting scavenger hunt.

Have you ever experienced that sense of accomplishment when you've been outside all day? Whether it's the sun on your face or a refreshing breeze, nature does everyone good. But the best part is experiencing the outdoors with your friends, family, colleagues or teammates. Make a game of it with one of the cool activities of Liever Buiten in Deurne. Have a drink on the terrace to end the day. After all, we are all outdoor people!

Farmers bowling

A game of bowling is fun with every group. Young and old become incredibly fanatical when they pull out their best throwing techniques. But forget about the ordinary pins and aim, according to farmer tradition, at the wooden shoes! Who will throw the most? Keep track of the score and make sure you leave the lane as the winner. Farmers bowling is the perfect activity for a family day or children's party. Play with a maximum of six people per lane.

Who is the masked man?

Uncover the mystery of the masked man. With a tablet. In the woods. Sounds exciting? It is! Step by step you will discover who the man is that has been wandering around the grounds of Liever Buiten for a while. Collect hints at the different locations between the trees and listen carefully to the available witnesses. Set off with a group of at least 4 people. The treasure hunt is suitable for children from six years and takes about two hours.

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