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Puzzle your way through the 17th century with Citygame The City Goose Board

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Always wanted to walk around in the 17th century? You can! The City Game explores the Dutch cities of more than three hundred years ago. Compete with your friends, family or colleagues and find all the locations.

What did the streets and squares actually look like during the Golden Age? Find out with the challenging puzzle tour Het Stadsganzenbord. Armed with a map from 1649, dice and a list full of questions and riddles, you will explore the city. Compare the situation of yesterday with the situation of today and find the right answers. Discuss, debate and make it a special city trip. Discover the city in a unique way. Play a game of City Goose Board in The Hague, Leiden, Haarlem, Delft, Amersfoort, Gouda, Amsterdam, Dordrecht, Utrecht and Nijmegen.

Make it a competition

Participating is fun, but winning is even more fun! Create teams of maximum five people and compete with each other by searching for the locations on the map. Each team goes its own way and returns after about two hours of wandering through streets and alleys with a list of solutions. The team with the most correct answers is the winner and earns eternal glory.

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When you order The City Goose Board, you will receive a nice box with everything you need. It's a do-it-yourself pack, so go whenever you want! Note: each team plays with its own game box. If there are fifteen of you, you'll need three boxes. The shipping costs are included in the price.

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