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Taste 12 quality wines in your own home

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For a wine tasting you don't have to go to a special place, you can just do it at home! Relax in your own environment and taste 12 quality wines under the guidance of a wine specialist. That's real enjoyment!

At Thuisproeverij it is possible: order a wine tasting at home. Complete with a wine expert who tells you everything about the wines. They do this in 4 provinces: Utrecht, Flevoland, North Holland and South Holland.

Tasting like a pro

The wine specialist will also teach you how to taste like a pro. For example, how you should look at the wine in your glass and why you should first turn it around in the glass. Then comes the smelling. Hey, is that a certain herb? No, grass... that can't be? Yes, everything is possible. And because you're tasting nice and relaxed on your own couch, surrounded by friends, it doesn't matter what you say. The wine specialist can then tell you why you smell just that. And then taste as you should: slurp! And 'chew'. A wine tasting is not only about judging wine, it's also a lot of fun and a great atmosphere.

Special wines

The wine specialist will be bringing along a few special wines, all from small producers from Italy, Spain, Austria and Portugal, among others. From people who care about their wine and take great care of it. And you can taste that. First you get a nice bubbly. Then ten different wines follow and the tasting ends with a fantastic port from Portugal. What a wonderful afternoon or evening!

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