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Play the exciting escapegame The Secret of the Bosberg Tower

Logo of Het Geheim Van De Bosbergtoren

Consternation in the Frisian village of Appelscha. A mysterious package has been found on the Bosberg tower, the 33 metre high viewing point on the edge of the Drents Friese Woud. There is only one problem: the villagers are unable to crack the code. That's why they're calling in your help now. Play the exciting escapegame and unravel The Secret of the Forest Tower.

Riddles, puzzles and pictures

The package consists of an envelope containing five beautifully designed cards. From the last century, it seems. The cards are full of spicy riddles. Use photos, drawings and YouTube videos to search for clues. After such a long time, would the inhabitants of the village finally discover the secret of the tower? Gather a group of two to five people and get to work with only one goal: solve the mystery that holds Appelscha in its grip.

Fun for the whole family

The Secret of the Bosberg Tower' is also fun for the little detectives, under the guidance of father, mother, grandfather or grandmother. The escapegame takes about two to three hours, making the game the perfect activity for some wonderful quality time with the whole family.

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