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Discover bustling Breda by bike with seeBreda!

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Discover the nicest spots of the always cosy Breda. Hop on your bike and explore this jewel of Brabant in a relaxed and sporty way. Book a tour with an enthusiastic local and make your city trip unforgettable!

What better way to get to know a city than by bike? During the Breda Highlight Bike Tour, the enthusiastic guides from seeBreda will tell you all the ins and outs and ensure that you can enjoy the ultimate city trip. During the three-hour tour you will pass through cosy streets and see all the hotspots of this surprising city. It's impossible not to fall in love with this burgundian spot in the South.

Historic city centre and street art

Of course our guides will take you to historic sights like Breda Castle, the Spanjaardsgat and the Church of Our Lady but Breda has a lot more to offer. Admire the huge murals at the Blind Walls Gallery and enjoy the beautiful Valkenberg Park, located right next to the railway station. The seeBreda guides are happy to take the time to tell you all about it. Because the people of Breda are proud of their hometown. What does the city have to do with the birth of New York? And who was General Maczek? More burning questions? Shoot!

Outing with the family

A nice and active day out with the whole family? Good idea! There are plenty of children's bikes available, so pedal away! The starting point of the tour is STEK, a breeding place for countless creative initiatives. An attraction in itself. Book your tickets for the seeBreda Highlight Bike Tour now and go home with a head full of impressions.

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