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Find the treasure in online escaperoom Treasure Hunt

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Open the door and step into the neglected house of great uncle Archibald. Is this where he hid the data leading to his fortune? At Escape Room Lost Treasure you can really search the rooms. Look around, peek into latents and solve riddles.

Sound good? Then you can get started in five minutes and plunge into the adventure. On your own laptop or PC, in your uppie or with friends and family. The most fun is to play with two to four people. Make sure you have enough drinks and beer, open a video or chat program if you are playing with people at a different location, enter the game code and the game is on!

Unique 3D environment

Lost Treasure is full of varied tasks, which you have to solve both online and offline. But what makes it really unique is the 3D environment. Nose around the bookcases, open the drawer in the old desk you come across, read the papers on the table and discover how to open the door to the next room. Which one of you will find the next puzzle hidden in the house? Or that one important clue?

Play whenever you want

You can play this escaperoom whenever you want. The game code you receive remains valid indefinitely. You can't play this weekend, can you? Then simply move on to a new date. And take the time you want, no one to urge you to hurry up. If you want to search a place again, just do it.

If you get stuck, you can ask for hints every few minutes. Be careful when you play against each other in different teams, because for every hint you ask, extra minutes will be added to your time.