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With these outings for home you won't get bored for a moment

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Help, the Saint has lost his parcels! Who's going to help find them? Play this exciting and hilarious game in your own village or town with the app from TB Events. Or choose one of their many exciting trips home, from The Smartest Home to Prison Break.

Brain-teasing puzzles, hilarious or exciting assignments and a handy app that helps steer the game. These are the elements for a fun afternoon or evening at home that feels like an outing! Add a video call and your friends and family can join in too.

Exciting escapegames at home

Why were you arrested? At the surprising Prison Escape at Home, you try to find out the truth. To do so you have to solve challenging puzzles and decipher confusing information. In the game La Casa del Dinero your house becomes a bank that you infiltrate to crack the safe. Bleeding! Or take on the Mafia.

Cosy evening

With the game Help the St. Nicholas you go out, but safe with the family in your own environment. With the help of the TB Events app you go after the presents of the Saint. If you find one, you will be given an active assignment on the spot. This not only puts the children in the mood for the Saint Nicholas party. Let the evening come! Or make it an enjoyable evening with the Party at Home game. Trying to outdo each other with De Slimste Thuis is of course also possible.

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