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A mysterious parcel is delivered to you. When you carefully open it, it turns out to contain five beautiful cards. Full of puzzles, numbers and mysteries. Which exciting adventure have you landed in? Play an exciting escape game by NoxBox.

If you love games, puzzles and riddles, you're in the right place with NoxBox's escape games. And you don't even have to leave the house! Because how cool is it to turn your own living room into a real escape room? With a choice of nine exciting games, there's something for everyone that will get the adrenaline pumping. Whether you want to stop a serial killer, escape from The Ghost Train or transform into the Spanish mastermind 'El Profesor' from La Casa de Papel, the dead hours are over. Which game will soon be on your doorstep?

Fun for the whole family

For an exciting afternoon with the whole family, look no further. Most games have an age recommendation of twelve years and older, but there is also an escape game especially for the youngest game fanatics: Curse of Blackbeard. Help treasure hunter Calico Jack to find the treasure. Switch in your quest constantly between the internet and the 'real' world and unravel the mystery.

How it works

Order an escape game at a discount. Then redeem the voucher you received from us on the NoxBox website. Within a few days you'll receive a package with five beautifully designed cards. Game on!

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