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Who's the best spy? Find out at The Recruits

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Imagine James Bond in escaperoom The Recruits and penetrate a high-tech location of the Russian secret service. Or try to intercept stolen information before it reaches the enemy. There's also a children's escaperoom.

At The Recruits you can not only play an exciting escaperoom, but also really go out into the field and show your qualities as a spy. Only the best have a chance of a permanent position at the Dutch Secret Agency. Show what you can do in their exciting practical tests.

The Recruits: choose your role

You infiltrate a complex of the Russian secret service and have only 90 minutes to get out in one piece. With important information. There are two roles to choose from. Intrude without being seen. Or you can dress up as a Russian secret agent and bluff your way through the complex. Both roles guarantee an hour and a half of excitement, sensation and above all a lot of fun.

Operation Golden Retriever

A hacker stole data on chemical weapons. You'll be divided into two teams to chase him through the city. Your mission: intercept the stolen data before it falls into the wrong hands! So don't lose sight of your target. And be as inconspicuous as possible, so no one gets a glimpse of you. Which team has the best spies?

Young Recruits: Spy kids wanted

There is also an exciting adventure for families. Now the goal is to save the environment. To do this, you will enter an organization that has invented clean fuel, but wants to keep it a secret. Only the door behind you falls into the lock. Find the fuel formula and solve the puzzles to get out in time. Without setting off the alarm and you will be caught!

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