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Blokarting and kitebuggying on the beach of Ouddorp

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Never a dull moment on the beach of Ouddorp. Take a walk on the beach and lounge at the Beachclub or join in with some cool activities! Natural High's instructors will help you on your way so you'll be up and running in no time.

BlokartCrack over the beach in a blokart. This cart is propelled by the wind that catches the sail. Because of the sail on the cart it is also called beach sailing.


on three thick wheels you race over the rough sand. With kitebuggyen you control with your hands the kite in the air - which catches wind and gives you speed - and determine the course of the buggy with your feet.


choose when you can kitebuggy and blokart in one day? If you go for both, you also get a discount. A good combideal!

For blokarting and kitebuggying there is a minimum length of 1.40 metres

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