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Dutch Transport Museum: from tractor to flyboat

Logo of Nederlands Transport Museum

On land, at sea and in the air: transport has a rich history, in all kinds of forms. The real highlights of our transport history can be seen in the Dutch Transport Museum. From stately old-timers to defence aircraft and tractors from local farmers. In Nieuw-Vennep you'll find them all under one roof! Something is regularly donated to the collection, so your visit is different every time.

For connoisseurs and laymenFor

true connoisseurs this museum is a true walhalla, but also transport laymen can appreciate the collection. In the museum you'll see the famous Griezelbus from the books of Paul van Loon - including the horror quiz - and you'll admire nostalgic items like an old-fashioned Shell pump and a vélocipède (one of the first bikes). Also check out tough military tanks, an old field barge and old city metros.

Modern and classic master

pieces Among

the absolute masterpieces are a Fokker FVIIb-3M plane, a twin-engined Fouga Magister CM170 fighter, the war plane Cessna AT-17 Bobcat and the iconic solar car Nuna5


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