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Lookalikes of today bring Night Watch back to life

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World famous: Rembrandt's Night Watch. Walk 360 degrees in Theaterkerk Nes around a life-size replication of this masterpiece. A razor-sharp photo version, with today's doubles. Includes a unique look over Rembrandt's own shoulder.

It took a nationwide search, but every character in the Night Watch has a modern lookalike in the Netherlands. They were portrayed in style from all possible angles, resulting in the impressive Nachtwacht 360. A gigantic photographic reproduction of Rembrandt's masterpiece by photographer Julius Rooymans, producer Jessica Karelsen and fashion designer Hans Ubbink . The project shows the painting in its original size of 4 by 5 meters, to be admired in 360 degrees!

Rembrandt 2.0 in Theaterkerk NesBijzonder

: the back of the Night Watch 360 offers a glimpse into the seventeenth century. From this side you can look over Rembrandt's shoulder and get an impression of his life at the time. You can also admire the costumes in Theaterkerk Nes, plus a whole series of portraits of the modern protagonists of the 360 version.