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Contemporary private guided tour through beautiful Maastricht

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Don't get stuck with a group or guide, but explore Maastricht yourself! MetropolisGo gives you a tablet with a digital guide, Sjengske, who shows you all the hotspots at your pace. Fun: in the meantime you'll also unravel an exciting story...

The most impressive buildings, the nicest food and coffee shops and the cosiest squares and shops. You will discover it all during a city walk with Sjengske, the digital guide of MetropolisGo!

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a day and time and select the number of tablets that is convenient for your party. Pick up the tablet in Maastricht and go on an adventure! Enjoy everything the city of Limburg has to offer at your own pace. At the end of the digital tour, hand in the tablet at the pick-up location. Haije Sjengske!

The Betrayal of MaastrichtMetropolisGo

immerses you in a digital experience. A city walk and visual mystery in one: during the tour you will also be included in the visual adventure The Betrayal of Maastricht.

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