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Immerse yourself in art and selfies in Insta-museum WONDR

Logo of WONDR Experience

Swim in a bath full of bacon, decorate the walls with your own art and try everything you see for yourself. Pop-up museum and Instagram-walhalla WONDR is a playground for adults! Immerse yourself in an interactive, colourful world full of art.

Egg baking in pop-art, colouring on an empty canvas, posing in glitter confetti and bathing in candy. WONDR Experience in the heart of Amsterdam is by no means a standard museum! It is a artsy playground that is fun for the whole family or for a girlfriend outing or date. Here you don't just see art, here you experience and be art.


and capturingThe

idea behind WONDR is to inspire and challenge people. Let your imagination be stimulated by all the original art installations, think of your own ways to be part of the artwork and rediscover how much fun it is to play and let yourself go. Dance under a starry sky of glitter, sing karaoke at full blast and of course capture yourself on camera.

Fun: some parts work with self-timer so you can take the best pictures. These photos will be sent to you by email after your visit.

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