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Dutch culture upside down in The Upside Down Amsterdam

Logo of The Upside Down Amsterdam

No tulips and clogs, but dance music, licorice and diversity. Instagram paradise The Upside Down is an ode to modern Holland! Immerse yourself in this museum in interactive dream rooms and make spectacular selfies. Sometimes literally upside down.

High time to put modern Dutch culture in the spotlight. Our iconic athletes, our love for candy and chocolate, modern masters like Mondrian and so much more. In the interactive museum, conceived by influencer Anna Nooshin, you can touch and try everything. In all kinds of style rooms you will be challenged to dream and pose for an artistic photo session.

Dive into the ball pitIt


not for nothing that the insta-walhalla is called The Upside Down. The museum offers a fresh look at our culture and sometimes literally turns it upside down. Immerse yourself in the colourful themed rooms, one of which even has a gigantic ball pit. Dive in!


Forgotten ChildThe

museum inspires people and is all about fun, but also has a serious note. It supports the Forgotten Child Foundation.

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