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Museum In 't Houten Huis

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Discover everything about the rich history and culture of De Rijp in Museum In 't Houten Huis. The village is situated on Schermereiland, a former island between the Schermer and the Beemster. In the 17th century, De Rijp became rich in herring fishing and whaling.

In the picturesque building of Museum In 't Houten Huis - where an orphanage used to be - you dive into the interesting history of the village of De Rijp. In the 16th and 17th century this village was a prosperous pearl on De Beemster and De Schermer, on Schermereiland. In the museum, you will get to know the seafaring inhabitants of the past and discover their impact on the village and its surroundings. Fun

for the whole familyMuseum

In 't Houten Huis is fun for the whole family. For example, you can follow educational and fun searches and wanderings through the museum together, and solve assignments and questions you come across along the way. For children there is also a suitcase full of questions. This will teach them how to use a compass and how to calculate the size of a whale. The tours and the suitcase are included in the entrance fee.

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