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In search of the black gold in Steenkolenmijn Valkenburg

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Dive deep into the mysterious mines of Valkenburg! Mining is a world in itself and Coal Mine Valkenburg is the only remaining visitor mine in our country. A former miner will welcome you to visit this coal mine.

Descend into a 'real' coal mine, looking for the black gold! Discover everything about the hard work and life of miners. A world that normally remains hidden, far underground.

Explore the mineIn the old


miners literally had to crawl through the dust to travel through the mine. Nowadays this is a lot more comfortable, because Steenkolenmijn Valkenburg has been converted into an underground museum. There's even a cinema in it, where your journey begins. During your visit of about 75 minutes you will discover everything about being a miner. All the guides used to work in mines or come from families of miners and are happy to share their stories with you. They are interesting, funny and often heartwarming!