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Rent a vintage VW with € 10 discount

Nostalgic touring through Gelderland in vintage VW

Logo of Dagje toeren met een VW-klassieker

Up the paths, into the avenues! Get out in an old-timer. Rent a Volkswagen Beetle with sliding roof or a Golf Convertible from Vintagecars Wapenveld. Together a lovely nostalgic day out, which will attract a lot of attention on the road anyway.

Prepare for the jealous glances of admirers, enthusiastic waving and cheerful honking of fellow vintage fans. Enjoy a day of old-fashioned touring, in a vintage car from Vintagecars Wapenveld. You have a choice between the 1968 Volkswagen Beetle with sliding roof and the 1985 Volkswagen Golf 1 Convertible.

All-inclusive touringWith

an all-inclusive package for 150 kilometres of touring you're ready for the whole day. Explore the Veluwe, Achterhoek, the head of Overijssel and enjoy a day out together with vintage vibes!

VW Beetle 1968If

something vintage screams, it's the Beetle. Everyone still knows it from the old days. The creamy white Vintagecars has all the classic features, including sliding roof. And totally fun: on the built-in retro radio the Top 2000 is ready for you to make the experience complete.

VW Golf 1 Convertible 1985 Also

in this classic you can enjoy the Top 2000 on the radio. The Golf is a popular choice for couples. A nice windbreak, roof down and revs but. Nice to know: this convertible is nicknamed 'the strawberry basket' because of the rollbar above the headrests.

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