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Discover all about Boniface and Dokkum

Logo of Museum Dokkum

In Museum Dokkum you travel back in time to 754, when Saint Boniface was murdered in Dokkum. But was it murder and what was he actually doing in Dokkum? And what happened to the town after that? Find out in this fascinating museum.

When you enter the museum's exhibition on the life of Boniface, your eye is immediately drawn to a large stone statue of him. Around you his life unfolds and how he was killed in Dokkum. The start of Dokkum's eventful history, which is what the rest of the museum is all about

War and prosperity

A large collection of archaeological finds and historical objects tells about the growth of the town on the narrow estuary of the Wadden Sea. About the pilgrims who came there, the consequences of several wars and the growth of prosperity. A fine example of that prosperity are the beautifully carved silver objects, a large part of which was made by Dokkumer gold- and silversmiths. Hey, there's a teapot with a goose-head as spout! In a separate room you can see different temporary exhibitions.

Historical gems

Everywhere on your journey you'll come across historical gems. Like the beautiful jewellery in the collection of costumes. And the special doll's house in the basement, copied from a house that is still in Dokkum. Nice to peek through the windows at the pharmacy and the residents who live above it. In a corner of the museum you suddenly stand in front of a large, open clock. This was once the clock of the town hall. Also special: the piece of open depot with objects that did not make it to the current exhibitions.

Start your visit to Dokkum here

Museum Dokkum is the best place to start visiting this historic city. The protected cityscape comes to life just a bit more if you know the history of Dokkum. Combine your visit with a cruise through Dokkum. Also easy: the museum has a Tourist Information Point.

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