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Sail along to the Marker Wadden on the luxury sailing ship Bounty

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No roaring engines, but only the sound of the wind accompanies you on a voyage with Sailing Ship Bounty. Sail along to the Marker Wadden with this very luxurious sailing ship and feel like an explorer at sea. On the way to adventure!

Visit Marker Wadden

No matter how well you know the Netherlands, the chances are small that you have already visited the newest part of the country. Sample at Sailing Ship Bounty and get acquainted with the Marker Wadden. On that day, the Bounty sails from the Bataviahaven in Lelystad to set sail for this special nature reserve. The Marker Wadden consists of five nature islands, made of silt from the Markermeer. The islands have to provide clear water and an area where birds and fish feel at home

On an uninhabited island

After about two hours of sailing, Sailing Ship Bounty arrives at the visiting island of the Marker Wadden. Put on sturdy shoes and warm clothing and follow one of the three walking routes across the island from the information centre. A little paradise for birds, which you will spot here to the fullest. After two hours Sailing Ship Bounty sails back to Lelystad