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Sharing is caring in Instagram Museum Youseum

Logo of Youseum Amsterdam

On social media everything seems perfect, but what happens after that beautiful selfie? Youseum is a playful museum in the heart of Amsterdam, where everything revolves around you. Play the leading role in the collection, make an infinite number of selfies and discover what happens...

Sharing is caring, but what happens next? Discover it in the pop-up museum Youseum, where you play the leading role in the collection. Fifteen rooms, twenty experimental elements and an infinite number of photo opportunities await you at Amstel Station. The museum is a combination of art and fun, but it also makes you think about the role that social media plays in our lives.

Nothing is what it seems in Youseum

Dive into a pool full of balls, photograph yourself times ten in the mirror walls and bath between the bubbles in a plastic jungle. These tight installations are not only there to provide beautiful pictures, but often symbolize something to make you think. So you can literally drown in likes on board a sinking ship. Is that worth the perfect shot?

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