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Give me Amsterdam!

Logo of Amsterdam Museum

Amsterdam: a metropolis that is small and stubborn at the same time. In the monumental building of the Amsterdam Museum you will discover how the city came into being, what our capital city has already experienced and what is really typical of Amsterdam.

Amsterdam is the city of Cruijff, Rembrandt, Ajax, the VOC. The city of entrepreneurship, freethinking, citizenship and creativity. In the permanent exhibition Amsterdam DNA you will get to know the story of the city within an hour. At your own pace with an audio tour, which is already suitable for children from the age of four.

For children

For four centuries the orphanage was located in the building of the Amsterdam Museum. The permanent exhibition 'Het Kleine Weeshuis' (The Little Orphanage) brings this special history to life. What did life in an Amsterdam orphanage used to look like? Discover it for yourself. Orphan Jurriaan takes visitors with him and shows them what happened behind the orphanage gates. Het Kleine Weeshuis' is fun for children from four to twelve years old.

Amsterdam Gallery

You can see how cosmopolitan Amsterdam is in the museum's Amsterdam Gallery. Here you can admire 'My City: A Feast of Diversity'. A metre-long tapestry showing all 179 nationalities of Amsterdammers. That's how rich and diverse our capital is! My City' is free of charge and everyone is welcome to walk on the carpet.

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