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Green pearl in Rozendaal: Rosendael Castle and Park

Logo of Kasteel en park Rosendael

Rosendael Estate is a green heaven on earth. Admire beautiful works of art made from shells, dodge the treacherous Deceptions and walk through the past in this beautiful castle.

The Counts and Dukes of Gelre once lived here. Now castle and park Rosendael is an enchanting day out. A stately estate full of surprises. Walk on secret paths, try to avoid the Cheaters who suddenly spray water as you walk over them and admire castle rooms full of beautiful, historical stuff. Everything here breathes richness and history and it seems as if the old residents can come home at any moment.

Adventure for children

Rosendael castle and park is great fun for children! Outside, they hide in the beautiful garden behind the waterfall, cross the stream via the chain bridge and avoid the hidden fountains under the mosaic floor, the Tricksters! With the map they search the park and the castle. Search together for water creatures in the forest pond or brave the barefoot path. Also fun: inside the castle they can follow a lesson in table manners. The children of the castle's inhabitants used to have to do the same.

Tip: at Oranje-rie Rosendael you can enjoy a beautiful view over the rose garden from mid-May to mid-October and a nice lunch or a cup of coffee.

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