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Visit the medieval castle Cannenburch

Logo of Kasteel Cannenburch

Castle Cannenburch is everything you expect from a castle. A stately appearance with towers, water all around, a vast park and a rich interior. Admire the castle, the medieval interior and the beautiful park.

Walk across the driveway and the bridge to the entrance of the castle and explore the castle from the inside. In the medieval interior it is not difficult to imagine how the noble families lived here. Remarkable are the original portraits of the former residents still hanging on the castle walls. On request you can visit the castle with a guide.

Building house and castle farmBesides

the castle you will also find a building house on the grounds. Here too, visitors can look inside and see how the staff of Cannenburch lived. Wander around the grounds at your leisure, while the audio tour reveals the stories of the castle and the building farm.

Visit with children

A castle always appeals to the imagination, especially that of children. For them there is a special children's audio tour, in which the squire, son of the castle lord and castle lady, takes them back in time.

Surroundings of Cannenburch

Around Cannenburch Castle is a beautiful park with water and (flowering) rhododendrons. Walk through the park and make a bike ride to Palace Het Loo, which is located nearby. Children can explore the park with an app with a walking quiz.

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