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Play your own part in the hit series La Casa de Papel

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Real life meets virtual reality in the exciting games of EscapeGames Leeuwarden. Like the robbers of the Netflix series La Casa de Papel, hunt millions and unravel the puzzles led by El Profesor.

The intrepid muggers in the series La Casa de Papel always escape the dance, but do you know how to keep a cool head? In the exciting escapegame based on this hit series you will take on the challenge in virtual reality. Put together a team of 4 to 6 people and take place for a thrilling game.


One person puts on the VR glasses and enters the virtual world. The other team members face the puzzles in the real world and in the meantime have to communicate well with the person in VR. Only by working together can you solve the puzzles and eventually crack the safe! Luckily there is El Profesor who takes the lead and leads you to the millions of euros. All team members alternately put on the VR glasses to experience both sides of the game.

Play together and against each other

You can play the escapegame with one team or form multiple teams. The game then becomes even more exciting, because who is the fastest? Don't let the competition listen in, because before you know it, your lead is gone... A nice challenge for family members, friends and colleagues.

The game takes about 2 hours, including game explanations, and can also be played in English.