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Wander through a real medieval castle

Logo of Kasteel Ammersoyen

Walk over the drawbridge through the gate and imagine yourself back in the Middle Ages. Ammersoyen Castle is one of the best preserved medieval castles in the Netherlands, full of memories of the past.

The typical wooden drawbridge over the moat is the only way to get inside the meter thick walls of this castle. Once through the gate with golden lions, the courtyard is the first surprise: what a cute look, as in a fairy tale! White stone walls, red shutters for the windows. Picnic tables invite you to take a seat, but the white-red doors make you too curious about what else to see.

To the women's shelter

Inside you wander through narrow corridors and steep stairs to large halls with huge fireplaces and thick ceiling beams. Admire the knights' hall, tower rooms, the armoury, the women's room and an attic full of archaeological finds from the moat. The lighting comes from robust candlesticks hanging from ropes. You can immediately see how the servants lowered them down to light the (then still real) candles. Extra fun: there are regular weekends in which medieval dressed people depict former life.

Treasure hunt for children

Treasure chests, 'splash meat' and steps in thick walls: children soon feel like a knight or damsel in this castle. Especially when it turns out they're allowed to change. In the attic there is plenty to do for them and there is an exciting treasure hunt that takes them through the castle. Who dares go into the dungeon?

Tip: also visit the mysterious church ruins opposite the castle or enjoy a snack and a drink at Het Koetshuis.

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