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Exploring a city and experiencing an exciting adventure at the same time? That's possible with the WhatsApp Homicide. Discover the best places in a city of your choice and solve a murder in the meantime! Each new assignment brings you closer to the solution.

The anticipation of your adventure begins at home. Through the mail you will receive pictures of the city where you are going in advance. What would they mean? And why is the card divided into boxes? The accompanying explanation will give you a hint.

Follow the trail through the city

The game starts as soon as you are in the chosen city. With the help of the photos and the map you will investigate. Soon it turns out that the assignments will lead you criss-cross through the centre of the city; you are the killer on the trail. Well-known hotspots, nice little streets, unexpected pieces of greenery: everywhere you need to take a good look and discover the photo location. And during the game you'll get a new photo location every now and then! As a result, with the WhatsApp Moordtrip you can see nice details that you would otherwise miss.

Gather clues

A game supervisor from Stad Unique will assist you in this special adventure. As soon as an assignment is completed, you send a selfie as proof and get a clue. Be careful, because before you know it the selfies are getting more and more hilarious! And a nice memento right away. Also fun: go hunting for the killer with multiple groups. Who solves the murder quickest?

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