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The Arsenal | Pirate Adventure

Logo of Het Arsenaal: piratenpark en zeeaquarium

Pirate for a day! Dive into an underwater world and experience exciting attractions in Het Arsenaal. Experience a sea battle, party in the Pirate's lair and meet colourful fish. You can even pet rays and sharks here - if you dare!

All hands on deck! In The Arsenal, you're a pirate. There are all sorts of fun attractions that will teach you more about pirate life - and test if you have what it takes to be a real rascal. Learn to fire a cannon, party with skeletons and experience an exciting sea battle in the ship simulator. Learn about today's pirates, brave the crocodile in the Treasure Pond and find out if you have sea legs. You can also work in a real rope shop, just like Michiel de Ruyter used to do.

Nice! There's also a real crow's nest! Take the glass elevator up to the Arsenal Tower. Here you have a beautiful view over the Westerschelde and Vlissingen at a height of 45 meters.

Petting rays and sharks

The highlight of the underwater world is the touch basin. Here you can pet rays and sharks! There are also feed demonstrations. Take your hands out of the water, otherwise the sharks might think you're part of the meal.

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