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Beautiful Nature boat trip on the Apeldoorn Canal

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Explore the nature reserve near the small Hanseatic town of Hattem on a nature boat trip. Sail along with the Vadesto canal boat on the Apeldoorn Canal. Who knows, you might spot a kingfisher, stork or beaver!

At the Panorama Pavilion in Hattem you step aboard for an interesting and breathtaking trip. A skipper will take you past the most beautiful sights in the nature reserve and the IJsseluiterwaarden. Who knows, you might mock animals in the wild! Sail past green panoramas, while the skipper shares all sorts of facts about Hattem and its surroundings.

Relax in nature

From the half-open boat you have a beautiful view. And because of this you can hear all the sounds of nature. The rippling water, singing birds, the rustling of the trees. A wonderful boat trip to 'the best preserved town in the Netherlands'!

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also has other fun activities, such as raft building, climbing, mountain biking, photo jigsaw puzzle tour through old Hattem or a water ropesurvival.

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