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Take an exciting journey and hear gripping stories

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How does it feel to have to flee from a war or disaster area? Try it out at Humanity House! Here you will make an exciting journey through dark corridors and through closed doors, while a lot is happening around you.

The threat is getting closer as you make your way through the corridors. You hear sirens, barking dogs and sounds of war, but you can walk on alone. The doors around you stay closed. Through peepholes you can see something of what's happening on the other side.

Impressive stories

At the end of your journey, you enter a room where you virtually meet eight refugees. Here Bruce tells about his life as a child soldier in the war of Liberia. And Aiham what it feels like not to exist, because you have no papers and no homeland. They are eight impressive stories from eight different people from all parts of the world. Pick your question and tell them


In the cozy Museum Café you can recharge your batteries with a cup of coffee, a beer or a delicious lunch. Afterwards you will have plenty of energy for the interesting temporary exhibitions.