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Old Crafts

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In Old Crafts

In the museum in Terschuur (near Barneveld) you can see no less than 160 different old crafts, disappeared professions and old shops! Experience a time without electricity, when most people had to do all their work by hand. How did that go? You can see that in demonstrations. In addition, the outdoor museum gives you an impression of farm life in the region, where old agricultural tools and machines show off.

Toys from the past

Old board games, antique doll houses, trains, teddy bears, Dinky Toys: the collection of old toys is endless! Fun: on certain days, children can take their doll or bear to the dolls' and bear doctor's surgery in the museum. This Doll and Bear Doctor is present in the museum 5 times a year. For children there is also a fun and educational treasure hunt through the museum.

Museum cafe

To complete the experience, nostalgic delicacies are on the menu in the museum café. Coffee with a pastry from the local baker, poffertjes, granny's tomato soup. Sit back and relax!

Good to know: the entire museum is wheelchair friendly. There are wide paths, no thresholds and plenty of disabled toilets. The staff is accustomed to visitors who have difficulty walking and are there for them. Wheelchairs and walkers can be borrowed free of charge at the museum.

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